Title: Twelve Mile Limit

Author: Randy Wayne White

ISBN: 9780425190739
Pages: 368
Description: This is the 9th offering in the Doc Ford mystery series. White bases this one on an actual incident that occurred in 1994—four underwater divers exploring the wreck Baja California ended up stranded when their boat sank. One made it to a tower and was saved. The other three were never found. White fictionalized the divers, but all of the facts surrounding the case are true. It IS an intriguing case!

I admit that I enjoy White’s discussions regarding the natural history of Florida—whether it is the habits of the Tiger Shark or how an opportunistic octopus can steal crabs from an enclosed tank. It has only been within the last few years that I have been making my way through the Doc Ford series. Fortunately, there are many more offerings available to look forward to. Recommend.

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