Author: Brandon Sanderson

ISBN: 9780575097469
Pages: 652
Description: 4.5/5 Stars

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First things first, Warbreaker is the first book by Brandon Sanderson I read which aren’t from the Mistborn series and while it doesn’t live up to the greatness of the original Mistborn trilogy for me, this is still a really great read. Sanderson haven’t disappoint me so far and I don’t think he ever will, at least in his Cosmere works.

Let me say firstly that this book is so vibrant and rich with colors. A lot of element in this book revolves around colors, from world building, plot and its magic system. This is me basically reading the entirety of the book.

Plot & World-building is superb as always. Sanderson created another world, this time it is called Nasthil for us to dive into and even though this is a standalone book, it’s still filled with tons of history and mythology that made the world richer in content and more immersive. There’s a huge plot twist in the book which I really didn’t see coming, intriguing politics, mystery and combined with Sanderson’s writing, it’s a guarantee the book will hooked you in from prologue to epilogue. It needed to be said though the book’s pacing is really slow in some part which might bore you a bit if you’re not focused. (I personally find it moving like a Ferrari compared to the last book I read so I have that going for me.)

Warbreaker’s pacing reminds me a lot to Well of Ascension, book 2 of the Mistborn trilogy, the pacing can be a bit slow sometimes cause it builds up heavily for the intense and great climax. No kidding, the last 10% of this book is so intense I forgot to breathe sometimes. I personally don’t mind slow pacing as long as there’s still some progression in the plot and world-building, which Sanderson always does but I can understand if it could bore anyone who’s looking for a stabby stabby whacky whacky actions in most of the book.

Almost all the main and side characters in this book are fantastic and interesting. Siri, Vivenna, Vasher, Nightblood and especially Lightsong the Bold. Here’s my favorite quote by Lightsong and it summed up why I don’t mock woman in real life.

“Mocking a woman is like drinking too much wine. It may be fun for a short time, but the hangover is hell.”

There’s too many things to explain on how great and original these characters are. The book really relies heavily on these character interactions and their developments which honestly I can’t seem to get enough cause I want more of them by the end of the book. If you’re looking for main heroines with great developments and not whiny, you definitely can’t go wrong with reading Warbreaker.

The magic system are unique and intricate, I’m starting to see that this is one of Sanderson’s main specialty. It’s not as complicated as Allomancy, Feruchemy & Hemalurgy from Mistborn series but it still requires a bit of thinking (I won’t even bother explaining how it works). Sanderson still managed to deliver it in a way that we could understood it easily with his well structured and simple writings. The magic this time is called Breath and as I mentioned before, it revolves a bit around Colors. Just read it okay, my explanation is turd compared to him.

This is the end of my review and even though Warbreaker were supposed to be a standalone, apparently we will get another sequel in the far future titled “Nightblood” and I definitely can’t wait to read the continuation of the story. I would like to conclude this review by giving this book 4.5 colorful stars and saying Warbreaker managed to *puts on sunglasses* color me impressed and left me breathless. Get it..? cause you know.. the book’s magic system is called Breath and have to do with color.. no? okay, I’m so sorry you have to read that horrible pun. I’ll let myself out.

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